Baby Shower Tips

Baby Shower is usually organized for an expectant mother few days before she puts to bed.  In most cases, the party is organized by the female friends of the expectant mother.  They normally present the woman with lots of gifts both in cash and in kind.   The gifts are usually meant to welcome the expected baby when he or she finally arrives.  When staging the Baby Shower party, there are certain considerations you need to take note of.  Let’s have a look at them.

· The Date, time and  Venue

The Baby Shower party is usually organized before the baby arrives. However, it can also be organized after the baby is born. It all depends on the prevailing situation on ground. The date of the party should be selected after due consultation with the expectant mother and her husband.  The venue of the party can be at the home of the expectant mother or at the home of any of her friends. The best time for the event is usually the evening period.

· Choose a nice theme for the party

You have to pick a nice theme for the Baby Shower party.  In most cases, baby themes are the most suitable.  You can even choose a color theme such as pink, blue or any other color that relates to the prevailing season involved.  The   event can also be in the form of a diaper baby shower party, little pumpkin party, tea party and so on.

· Prepare quality dishes and drinks

Although baby shower party is meant to give the expectant mother gifts, there’s still room for dishes and drinks. The expected guests must have something to eat and drink.  You have to arrange appetizers which can be in form of brownies, cupcakes, fruits, salads and so on. Quality dishes and drinks should also be prepared for the guests.

Finally, there should be a time for gifts presentation.  The guests are expected to shower the expectant mother with nice gifts which will be useful to her and the oncoming baby.

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